Friday, August 5, 2011

Rising Above the Call

Red Tails

Finally the epic story of the Tuskegee Airmen will be told in the vivid light that it deserves.  The Men who fought and died in the name of sacrifice and patriotism would be Legend, if it were not true; but this actually happened, and courage like this was shown on more than one day, and by more than one man.  The trailer seems to be doing justice to the absolutely stunning story of the Men who not only wanted to serve their country, but also demanded to do so.  Take a look, and see if this might be not only a story worth telling, but also on a much less important note, a redemption for Lucasarts Studios.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bored of Being Board?

Nothing says, "EPIC FAILURE AHEAD!" more than an entire movie based on a board game.  Because as you all know the, "Dungeons and Dragons" surely went over well.  (If you even remember that title without IMDB to confirm that such an atrocity ever existed...then welcome to the nerdy-zone...population, you and I.)

But hey, I mean, if you attach Liam Neeson in the role of a predictable plotline that is COMPLETELY given away by this trailer.  And make sure that there is a stupid love story somewhere in there....then either you have a historical film...or a gigantic FLOP!

Take a look at what some people have money for, and despair.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Restless for Originality

Here is one that is slowly but surely gaining my attention. The film is titled "Restless" and seems to try and have ties to Greek Theater themes as well as being up to date in order to connect with people in modern society. See if you can draw out the parallels as you watch the trailer for this interesting movie.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser 01

Here's an interesting one

This movie is a sure-in for cult classic fame.  This film takes place during the civil war in Spain.  The story seems to revolve around a clown in the circus who gets wrapped up in the other characters and drama ensues.   The cinematography in this trailer is makes me really want to dive into the movie already and immerse myself in the strange vision of the writers / director.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Fresh Take on a Classic

Everyone knows the story of the Prince and the Pauper.  An American Classic by none other than Mark Twain.  It caused our childish imaginations to run with the idea of what it would be like to be a prince just even for a little while.  Would you do good things or bad things with you power?

But the movie "The Devil's Double" takes that same approach, only the twist is, it for yourselves.  After all, the intention of the blog is to inspire conversation and excitement.   So take a look and make sure to tell us all if you think that it's going to be fresh enough to be meaningful, or is this the same story as before with no real changes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Worth Noting

I stumbled across this film (ouch) when perusing IMDB.  And while the base premise for the movie might feel familiar...I believe that this movie will shine when the protagonist is in self-exile and begins building himself up again.  I do think that the amount of character development will allow the audience to share in his deeply portrayed emotions.


The Original title for this film is "L'homme qui voulait vivre sa vie"  which translates to "The Man Who Wanted To Live His Life"   But the international title is simply "The Big Picture".   "The Big Picture" was screened at the COLCOA film festival in the U.S. in the month of April.  No information yet as to it's release on portable formats, but I advise you to keep a lookout for this one, as I am pretty sure you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blatant Copy-Cats

Anyone remember the blockbuster hit "Outbreak" of 1995?  (IMDB)  Well, it just so happens that I have the trailer right here!

Oh but wait!  Hollywood has done it again, only this's the same!

Now watch this Abomination!

WOW!  I am impressed!  how did they come up with that idea?  And to have such an up-to-date cast for this year/decade.  Wow, that's totally original!
I am totally willing to throw my money at that and scream, "Now entertain me you clowns" at my local movie theater.  Won't you Join Me? 

Make sure to leave your comments!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Warner Bros is trying to overload my JOY sensors!

Today, not only was the new "Dark Knight Rises" teaser poster released, but also, the new Sherlock Holmes trailer has been released on iTunes as well!   My goodness gracious, it seems that Warner is trying to express a point here, or at least satisfy (for now) the masses of fans whom are waiting with excitement for these two sequels.   Posted below is the exclusive trailer for "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"


Added special treat for my viewers

Because I am so excited for the new Batman movie, I have made a little treat for my viewers.  a 720p screenshot of that same that (if you are a dorky fan-boy like me) you can set it as your wallpaper and have it be pretty good looking, but not perfect.  Anyways, it's the best that I could pull off for you guys!

Of course, click to enlarge it.  and save, save, save!

BREAKING NEWS! Dark Knight Rises teaser Poster

AH!  many of you probably know by now, but if not, hear this now.... has released the first teaser poster, featuring gotham city seemingly being torn apart.  It looks Beautiful!

Click on it to enlarge.  Enjoy Readers!   Please post some comments on whether or not you are looking forward to this one!

Original Titles Worth Your Time

In a beat down and somewhat subdued economy, original titles are a real gamble for the movie industry.  Unfortunately, sequels are almost guaranteed a profit whereas original titles can be hit or miss depending on how the audience receives the entertainment.  So in order to alleviate this "land mine" field called "Original Titles"  I have taken the liberty of posting Three movies that look to be worth your time and money.  I tried to pick the movies based on how promising they look, but also so that a wide audience could appreciate the list.  Take a look and make sure to comment below!


1.  Cowboys & Aliens

If you aren't excited for this movie....GET EXCITED!  So far there are three trailers out for this upcoming film, and I have chosen trailer #2 because I believe that it reveals the true nature of this beast.  Is this movie going to "War of the Worlds" with cowboys?  possibly.   Will that stop you from seeing it? IT SHOULDN'T!  The thought of Harrison Ford  being in another western since 1979 should be enough to get you out of your seats and applauding.  Daniel Craig looks like he can hold his own in this film as well.  I welcome the quirky mashup of genres.  Sometimes, the best card to lay on the table, is the wild card....and this my friends is a wild card.


2.  Higher Ground

At first glance, you might feel offended at the portrayal of the religious groups.  BUT wait for a minute, and let me add some context.  This movie is set in the 1960's in an area where women's liberation was still quite in its early stages, and women whom behaved like our protagonist, were quite a nuisance to the general male population, especially males whom had community leader-like roles (not unlike a pastor).  Judge for yourselves, but ask yourself one question....Whether or not you like the portrayals in the movie, will this film make you think about your own views, and will it cause you to discuss things that you have previously let go un-discussed.   That is where I believe this film has merit.


3.  Amigo

Unless you had private schooling, a great teacher, or you are an American history buff, you probably didn't realize that the U.S. had at one time invaded the Philippines.  We were at war with Spain, and that meant a lot more than just what was once Mexico.  This movie portrays the occupation of a small Filipino village by the U.S. Army.  The story revolves around their actions, interactions, and deals with the ongoing question of what it means to be a patriot, and what it means to be a human being who shares cohabitation with other human beings.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Once in every while, if you are like me, you get that itch that can only be scratched by a good thriller!  Well my readers, I have two that look very promising.


1.  Grave Encounters

This film is along the same lines as "Paranormal Activity" in the sense that it is supposed to make you believe that these events were captured using amateur footage, and there will be a lot of grainy night-shots. The story revolves around the idea that a group of "ghost hunters" locks themselves into an abandoned psychiatric ward and this is the last footage that anyone has seen from this group.  Take a look and dive into a spooky world of ghosts and "Grave Encounters"


2.  The Perfect Host

David Hyde Pierce plays a pseudo psychotic person not unlike Anthony Hopkins portrayal of "Hannibal Lector."  In this film, a robber's escape goes awry as he seeks refuge in the unlikely home of a man who is about to have a dinner party at his house.  But things are not what they seem.  This movie looks like it is going to be a great ride.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Promising Comedies

The event of sitting down with a group of friends and wondering "what will we watch?"  usually ends up with a general consensus of a great Comedy.  So here are 3 comedies that will be coming to theaters shortly, and all of them are looking very funny and worth your time.  Enjoy the list!


1.  Salvation Boulevard

Pierce Brosnan is not necessarily thought of a big comedy guy, but if you remember; he did play the static male role in "Mrs. Doubtfire" and also was in the morbid comedy "The Matador."  So he does have that ability to make us all forget about the seriousness of James Bond and lets him take on the role of Funny Man. 
Essentially, "Salvation Boulevard" is about a well known preacher who gets wrapped up in a murder case and ends up pinning the murder on a congregation member.  I know that it doesn't sound like a comedy at all....but as you watch the trailer, you will see all of the humor that unfolds in this unlikely situation.  Salvation Boulevard hits theaters on July 15th.


2.  The Guard
Irish people, racial comedy, strange situations....this comedy seems to have it all!  Basically, a small Irish town is experiencing an uprising in serious crimes; such as blackmailing, extortion, drug trafficking, etc.  In comes the FBI played by Don Cheadle, he pairs up with Brendan Gleeson and their adventures begin.  See the trailer for sure, in order to truly appreciate where this comedy is headed.  It comes to theaters on July 29th.


3.  Submarine
Now this one of those "quirky comedies."  The characters will only be relatable in the fact that their every line of dialogue will seem like a "stream of consciousness" type of narrative.  The characters will also not behave as you would expect actors, or even everyday people.  But the comedy shines through when you are an observer of this foreign type of life portrayal.  (Think of Napolean Dynamite).  Watch the trailer and see for yourselves.  This is probably not going to be for everyone, however, I would like to point out that this movie has so far received a pretty good reputation.  This film has already been in theaters, and it started on June 3rd.  Check your local listings to see if it is in your theaters, or just wait for the release on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Under The Radar

Okay, very quickly,  I do know that my other posts are a bit too long, so I think that from now on I will do short movie bursts of 3's or less.

Here are Two Independent films worth noting.


 1.  Between Notes
Alright readers, do you guys remember the movie "Once?" (IMDB).  Well this movie isn't the exact same thing, but more of an American approach to the same concept.  Two people find common ground through random encounters and a love of music.  And after watching the trailer, you might ask yourself, "When does this come out? I am going!"  well, it is already out.  In fact, it went to select theaters on April 1st.  So my loyal readers, my suggestion is this...wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray, and either Netflix it, or go to one of those movie rental kiosks.  But from what I know, this movie is definitely going to be worth it.


2.  Incendies
A Mother passes away, leaving two envelopes in her will to her two children.  The messages in the envelopes will start the siblings on an unforgettable and quite possibly deadly journey.  I want to follow the trailer's lead, and not give away too much about this film.  It was released in New York and Los Angeles on April 22 with the slogan "coming to a city near you."  This film has what it takes to win awards, and it should definitely be on your, "Must Watch" list.

That's all for now,  I really appreciate all of the comments, and I look forward to more!  I like bringing attention to deserving movies that simply fly under our collective radar so that they can be appreciated for the artwork that they truly are.  Thanks for Reading.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes, Yes, Yes, DRAMA!

There is nothing like a good Drama to keep your mind off of your own problems.  Engrossing yourself in the world of the far more troubled is a form of escape that takes on the cloak of entertainment.  And it works really well!  Here are the latest trailers in the category of "Drama"


1.  A Better Life
I am leading with a strong film about a father and son.  This is NOT the "Pursuit of Happyness" however, this film does seem to have common themes with it.  The story is about a Father who works extremely hard, and endures strife, stress, and the ever present threat of being exported, all because he wants to provide a better life for his son.  However, his son almost seems to fall into the same pattern of behavior as his father, as moving up in society is always harder than it seems.


2.  Mysteries of Lisbon
Now here's a major contender.  This film trailer is absolutely enchanting.  It hits all of the right areas for true Drama lovers.  Nostalgia, Foreign Language, Class Wars, Murder, and of course the notion that any of the leading characters could be a major culprit!  Take a look and make sure to comment on how you feel this film is going to turn out.


3.  The Ledge
"Hey Readers"
"Yeah Dan"
"Did you ever see the movies "Cellular" or "Phonebooth" or even "24 Hour Photo" ?
"Um...we think so,  are those the ones that all revolve around someone being forced to do something horrible in order to save others from a lover's revenge?"
"Yeah, those ones,... Did you like them?"
"uh, not really, it was really predictable and it was like watching a fat guy fall down really slowly, I mean, we all know what is going to happen, but no one does anything to stop it."
"Yeah!  well how about the exact same thing?!?  Yes!  Another one!  Yay!


4.  WarHorse
Another Steven Spielberg film.  You know what I mean,  the kind that can make you say, "Did you see it?" for an entire year, or the kind that can make you say, "I can't believe that people saw that."
This is a story about an English boy whose horse is re-appropriated by the English government during World War I.  And the arch of the story takes shape when the horse escapes rank, and makes his epic journey all the way back home.  awwwww.


5.  Special Treatment
Here's one for the stretch of what should be a finite subject.  What do prostitutes and psychoanalysts have in common?  Apparently that's the subject of the movie.  This one is a bit too weird for words...and I am beginning to think that I do not understand French culture at all.  See if you all can fill me in on what is going on in this trailer.


6.  The Myth of the American Sleepover
iTunes put this one under the "Romance / Comedy" genre...but I dare to say "Nay!"  I have high hopes for this one.  The film hopes to keep the audience involved while having an extra huge set of characters and overlapping story arches all simultaneous.  The same kind of thing happened in the movie "Crash" however, this one is more about teenagers in love, and less about how racially charged LA is.  I feel that it's a valid comparison.....don't mock me!


7.  Bellflower
Have you waited your entire life to see a crazy, LSD induced, dramatic nightmare?  Then this is the movie for you!  Well, at least that's the way that it looks based on the trailer.  This movie seems to have the same theme as many of your favorite TV episodes.  Two guys are friends...Then one of the guys falls for a girl and totally ditches his friend....then the other guy is jealous, and wants his friend back....and so on.  HOWEVER, I have never seen anything like this trailer is depicting.  That same story as if you were reliving it through the lenses of an alternate universe.  Definitely worth taking a look at...and hopefully it won't be so fantastic that the academy passes it up.


8.  Courageous
At first glance of this trailer, you seem to be following along the story of four police officers, and their struggles to keep their home lives and their professional lives in check.  It looks like a really neat human incite kind of movie.....and then, there is the scene in the trailer, in which it becomes obvious that this movie has an alternative motive for displaying moving pictures on the screen.  I am certain that we could all be swept into the stories of these men who struggle to keep themselves honorable, but there is an overwhelming feeling that this movie is not going to turn out to be that kind of movie....if you know what I mean.  Take a look and judge for yourselves.


9.  Moneyball
This Fall, (dun duh, dah dah dah)  Brad Pitt, (bump-a, bah bump-a) Philip Seymour Hoffman, (dun dah, dun dun dah) and ..... Jonah Hill?
Now I know that both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Brad Pitt have been in their share of comedies too...but seriously....Jonah Hill?  anyways
Moneyball is the story about the general manager of the Oakland A's and how he had the baseball world turned on its ear when he took on the system and ran his team on an extremely small budget.  thus the name,  Moneyball.  It actually looks pretty interesting.   Comment please, comment!  I live on your comments alone!


10.  Girlfriend
This could be one of those heart touching films about a girl who made all of the wrong choices in life, but still has someone who has always worshiped and adored her from afar.  This is not "Can't Hardly Wait"  and this is certainly not "Forest Gump"  but something else....It's not even where those two films meet.  This is something that will be great,  I know that this movie is going to be on my "Keep an Eye on It" list.


11.  The Tree
I can tell you that this trailer just doesn't do it for me.  I feel like I couldn't connect on many levels, and that they didn't really give me that "just enough" bit of plotline to keep my interest.  So, that being said, I am really hoping for a "Trailer 2" from this film production before the actual movie comes to theaters.
Essentially, "The Tree" revolves around a family, as they are grieving the loss of the father.  One of the daughters is convinced that his spirit lives on in the tree that grows outside of their house.  Meanwhile, the mother is being courted and the man that she is dating is finding that the house has plumbing problems due to the roots of the tree....and you can pretty much see where this is going.  yada, yada, yada.   Fingers crossed for a "Trailer 2."


12.  R
yes, that's it, the title is simply, "R."  Little is given in this trailer.  The story is supposed to be about a character named Rune who is newly imprisoned.  He must quickly learn the ins and outs of prison life.  However, as a sub-plot, there is a befriending inmate who becomes an accomplis.  See if you can decipher just what this movie is all about.


13.  The Sleeping Beauty
This film seems to have one foot in "Fantasy" and one foot in "Drama"  so I have made "Drama" it's home based on the fact that I can.  Nanna nanna boo boo.   This is a highly deconstructed telling of the classic story.  I like to watch the trailer again and again to see if I can catch all of the parallels between the story that we all know of "Sleeping Beauty" and this seemingly eccentric vision.


14.  Life Above All
You know much as it would seem like laziness to not write anything.  I simply feel that the trailer speaks volumes more than I could ever express or hope to explain to you, my beloved readers.  Please, please, please look at this trailer.  Then write some comments down, please put your words where I could not.


15.  Griff The Invisible
This is like the plotline of some kind of backwards superman epic.  Take a man who's life is unfulfilling, so in turn, he becomes a crime fighter each night.  Meanwhile, the "mild mannered" side of him attracts a young lady, who now must save himself from totally being consumed by this need to fight crime.  Sounds like a mashup of Spiderman 3 and you know.....something good.


16.  Pariah
This is a coming of age story.....but wait for the twist....she's a lesbian.  How can a 17-year old highschool student, remain calm, keep composure, and slowly but surely come out of the closet with minimal ramifications?  Well hopefully when we see the whole movie, we will witness something like that.  "Pariah" is listed as "Coming Soon."  Keep an eye on it.


17.  The Help
The real question on this film is....can Emma Stone carry a film?  I would like to think so, however, this is her big opportunity and so we will all have to find out On August 10th.   This story revolves around the Equal Rights era of the 1960's in the state of Mississippi.  Emma Stone's character is a journalist who takes an interest in the sub-culture of "The Help."  The Help mainly consisted of African American Women whom had stronger bonds in friendship to each other than their employers.  Armed with the dirty details and incites of the collective African American Women whom worked in the houses of the white employers, Emma Stone begins to publish her stories, but all of this at the rist of exposing her sources.


18.  A Love Affair of Sorts
First, take a look at this trailer.

Okay, Now for a fun fact:  Yes, this entire movie was shot on the old (and now phased out) Cisco Flipcams.   So my must now judge for yourselves,  is this story staged, or are we really watching the gritty reality of a relationship as it unfolds?


19.  Gun Hill Road
This one looks promising.  Our main character is just getting out of prison after 3 years.  He is trying to re-integrate himself back into his regular family life only to find that his wife is emotionally distant, and his son is gay (much to his father's dismay).  As the Drama unfolds, our main character must either re-find his place in the family, or adapt to the fact that he is no longer as needed now that 3 years has given the rest of the family time to grow.

Well that's all for now my readers!  make sure to leave your comments below, I really enjoy the fact that we can all discuss what we think a movie will be like, and how our first impressions shape how we may or may not see that movie.  Thank you for Reading!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twitter Updates!

As a matter of convenience, you can now follow the site on Twitter by following @TrailerHuset.  Thank you all for your reading and comments!
Yes, yes, y'all!  

It is finally time to pay kudos to studios whom are willing to take a risk on an original idea in a down economy.  And the following movies look very promising in terms of production value, originality, and of course, entertainment.  

Let's begin with a category that I personally am drawn to....Documentaries / Exposés.  And it seems like there are more than of these coming out this year than ever.  Time to get your game faces on and also open your minds, but at the same time shield them, as Documentaries can easily convince you of things you didn't even know that you didn't know.


1.  Chasing Maddoff
Oh Wallstreet, you have given us so much canon fodder against you....and as long as people are hurting in the pocket, you will have documentarians knocking at your doors.  I happen to believe that as soon as things turn for the worse, people always want a simple explanation.  And most of the time, a simple explanation comes in the form of blaming a single solitary man for the things that have gone awry.  Totally to blame or just partially, take a look, and judge for yourselves, the case of "Chasing Maddoff."


2.  Senna
There are plenty of documentaries out there about seemingly fantastic people whom excel in a particular activity or field.  And there are plenty of "Bargain Bin" movies about racing, cars, and the like.  But it is definitely rare, when the two categories are fused together, and takes a look into the life of a particular man behind the wheel.  Usually, this kind of movie would take the view of a "Big Event", in which the peak of interest would happen around the big racing scene.  However, this documentary seems to be more about the man, and less about the machine.  Homo Ex Machina.


3.  Magic Trip
A recipe for a "Magic Trip";
Take One part Eccentric,  Add a bus with a psychedelic paint job, fill the bus full of people with "new ideas about ways, man"  and add a heaping dose of LSD.  Then you will have a "Magic Trip"  however, you also need to make that time in history into an iconic age for new ideas and societal movements.  THEN and only then can you make a documentary about what happened on that "Magic Trip."


4.  Jane's Journey
Jane Goodall is an amazing person, who has not only dedicated her life to a study, but has also founded many causes and brought attention to an otherwise little-known species.  Now if you are thinking to yourself, "Oh great, a movie about how awesome she is"  then you are in for a surprise.  This documentary is actually about how Jane Goodall is now shifting from the roll of observer / studier, into the roll of activist.  It's hard to imagine someone who could speak more convincingly about the Chimpanzee ecosystem and how mankind is affecting it, than Jane Goodall.  Take a look.


5.  Crime After Crime
Debbie Peagler was abused by her boyfriend (whom also allegedly sexually molested Debbie's daughters), forced into prostitution, and then convicted of a murder that she may or may not have committed (for legal reasons, I cannot state otherwise).  Now, after 28 years in prison her struggle continues, as she seeks justice.  This film is all about her legal struggle to free herself from prison, and the people whom help her.  This is going to be an interesting one, especially in lue of recent trial cases that are semi-related.


6.  Page One: Inside the New York Times
"Mommy, what is a news-paper?"  
"Oh well, you see we used to cut down trees and then process the trees with saws, presses, and some of the harshest chemicals on the planet, until we made what was known as paper.  Then, we would sometimes write news stories on it."
"But Mommy, wouldn't that news already be old by the time that the paper is handed to someone who wanted to read it?"
"Yes dear, it certainly was.  And you couldn't just email paper either, you had to clip it out with scissors if you wanted to save it or send it to someone else"
"That sounds awful"
"It was my dear, it certainly was"
****END SCENE****
What did we learn here today people?  oh yeah, I know, if you make a documentary about "The New York Times" which could only bring attention and interest back to the newspaper industry, the same exact news corporation whom the documentary is all about will review the movie and say, "The movie, directed by Andrew Rossi, is, in a word, a mess."   So enjoy.  because certainly the people it was about did not like it.   


7.  Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
awwwww yeah!  check out the method!  The title is pretty much self explanatory, albeit a bit long.  Basically, this documentary is about A Tribe Called Quest's rise from nothing, to fame, to in-fighting, to reckoning.  Along the way, other artists whom have been influenced by the artists share how their music also reflects elements of the original inspiration.  So check out the trailer and then get hype! 


8. Tabloid
Risque love!  A Woman Infatuated!  Kidnap! Lies!  Tabloids!  .... Mormons?  Yes, all of these things and more in the new documentary "Tabloid."   Really, I could try to explain it, but the trailer does a very nice job of going over all of the events that led to this scandal.  Watch this trailer, and then judge for yourselves,  Crazy woman, or just a world gone mad?


9.  Sholem Aleichem
Try reading the title out loud and see if you can get someone else around you to say "Bless You."  This is a story about how one man's articles and writings helped transition traditional Jewish life, into a new kind of traditional life in America.  He was a genuinely good man, and it was in his stories that people started to change their views, opinions, and traditional lives in America.


10.  Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
If you're like me, then you really like Conan O'Brien.  And if you think that the whole NBC thing was awful, then see this!  This documentary is all about how Conan went from out-of-work, to sold-out shows.  Performing comedy, doing interviews, and traveling from venue to venue, this documentary is definitely on my list of "Must See."