Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Original Titles Worth Your Time

In a beat down and somewhat subdued economy, original titles are a real gamble for the movie industry.  Unfortunately, sequels are almost guaranteed a profit whereas original titles can be hit or miss depending on how the audience receives the entertainment.  So in order to alleviate this "land mine" field called "Original Titles"  I have taken the liberty of posting Three movies that look to be worth your time and money.  I tried to pick the movies based on how promising they look, but also so that a wide audience could appreciate the list.  Take a look and make sure to comment below!

1.  Cowboys & Aliens

If you aren't excited for this movie....GET EXCITED!  So far there are three trailers out for this upcoming film, and I have chosen trailer #2 because I believe that it reveals the true nature of this beast.  Is this movie going to "War of the Worlds" with cowboys?  possibly.   Will that stop you from seeing it? IT SHOULDN'T!  The thought of Harrison Ford  being in another western since 1979 should be enough to get you out of your seats and applauding.  Daniel Craig looks like he can hold his own in this film as well.  I welcome the quirky mashup of genres.  Sometimes, the best card to lay on the table, is the wild card....and this my friends is a wild card.

2.  Higher Ground

At first glance, you might feel offended at the portrayal of the religious groups.  BUT wait for a minute, and let me add some context.  This movie is set in the 1960's in an area where women's liberation was still quite in its early stages, and women whom behaved like our protagonist, were quite a nuisance to the general male population, especially males whom had community leader-like roles (not unlike a pastor).  Judge for yourselves, but ask yourself one question....Whether or not you like the portrayals in the movie, will this film make you think about your own views, and will it cause you to discuss things that you have previously let go un-discussed.   That is where I believe this film has merit.

3.  Amigo

Unless you had private schooling, a great teacher, or you are an American history buff, you probably didn't realize that the U.S. had at one time invaded the Philippines.  We were at war with Spain, and that meant a lot more than just what was once Mexico.  This movie portrays the occupation of a small Filipino village by the U.S. Army.  The story revolves around their actions, interactions, and deals with the ongoing question of what it means to be a patriot, and what it means to be a human being who shares cohabitation with other human beings.


  1. Actually, the trailer for Higher Ground gave me the hope that the movie will portray religious groups fairly. The whole premise is clearly wrapped up in the religion of the characters - all of them, not just one or two crazy-fundamentalist types. The problem I usually have with films portraying religious characters is that they never seem to be written by someone who understands religion. Not that I want only good-type religious characters - I just want realistic ones, rather than what ends up feeling very much like an ad hominem attack.

    Again, the trailer for Higher Ground makes me hope it will manage to avoid that pitfall.

  2. It is possible that we are looking at one of those films that will have a strong theme of religion in it, but it may manage to not enrage or completely ignore one choice or another. These are rare cases.