Saturday, July 9, 2011

Under The Radar

Okay, very quickly,  I do know that my other posts are a bit too long, so I think that from now on I will do short movie bursts of 3's or less.

Here are Two Independent films worth noting.

 1.  Between Notes
Alright readers, do you guys remember the movie "Once?" (IMDB).  Well this movie isn't the exact same thing, but more of an American approach to the same concept.  Two people find common ground through random encounters and a love of music.  And after watching the trailer, you might ask yourself, "When does this come out? I am going!"  well, it is already out.  In fact, it went to select theaters on April 1st.  So my loyal readers, my suggestion is this...wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray, and either Netflix it, or go to one of those movie rental kiosks.  But from what I know, this movie is definitely going to be worth it.

2.  Incendies
A Mother passes away, leaving two envelopes in her will to her two children.  The messages in the envelopes will start the siblings on an unforgettable and quite possibly deadly journey.  I want to follow the trailer's lead, and not give away too much about this film.  It was released in New York and Los Angeles on April 22 with the slogan "coming to a city near you."  This film has what it takes to win awards, and it should definitely be on your, "Must Watch" list.

That's all for now,  I really appreciate all of the comments, and I look forward to more!  I like bringing attention to deserving movies that simply fly under our collective radar so that they can be appreciated for the artwork that they truly are.  Thanks for Reading.

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  1. Both of these look interesting.

    Looking at Between Notes, I can't help wondering whether it will be a movie to watch for the relationship or the music. The music does seem to take a back seat for the trailer. Regardless, if it manages to avoid hackneyed romantic stereotypes and deal with real issues, I'm likely to be a fan.